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Project Access 1.0



Project Access is a continuous program that focuses on making spaces ADA accessible. Project Access 1.0 is our first project with this goal.

Project Access 1.0 is a raised planter bed station created by arranging rectangular modules to make sitting, work surfaces, and planting boxes. It was designed to help ease planting for veterans with disabilities in Englewood.



57th Street and Hermitage Avenue


Englewood’s Veterans Garden


April 1st, 2017




We would like to thank all the people who have been part of this project, every comment and suggestion has pushed this project forward. We would also like to thank the veterans who welcomed us into their garden.

"I was able to utilize my design skills as an architecture student to help a community of people. Project Access reminded me how important and needed design can be in the world."

Catera Etheridge, Volunteer, UIC

"...It was very engaging because it brought me out to a different part of industry that I normally aren't exposed to... The good part is that it had a greater impact on the community members than it did to us..."

Victor Reyes, Volunteer, UIC