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Project Access 2.0



Project Access is a continuous program that focuses on making spaces ADA accessible. Project Access 2.0 is our second project in this program.

Project Access 2.0 is comprised of three ADA garden stations that were created by by re-arranging triangular modules to make seating, work surfaces, and multiple planter spaces. It was designed for veterans with disabilities in Englewood.



57th Street and Hermitage Avenue


Englewood’s Veterans Garden


July 15th, 2018





We would like to thank Cordia Pugh, EVG Director, for her continuing support in making gardens accessible for veterans. We appreciate the help and feedback we received from the veterans in making this project.

"The Project Access team has an "I can" attitude and they view any small setbacks as a new opportunity and challenges them to overcome hurdles, never as a roadblock… The team's best quality is their willingness to work as a team and this attitude positively impacts each project they approach."

Cordia Pugh, Director, Englewood’s Veterans Garden