Our Story

Human Scale is an organization that originated out of a common passion for community service. We came together as a group of architecture students at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Having volunteered on different projects, we realized the impact that a single person has on another person’s life. As friends we talked about our future in architecture and recognized that we all had one common goal: to make a positive difference in the world. Later on we began to realize that we could make a realistic difference in the world by focusing on small-scale projects, particularly on human to human relationships. We are not designing and building for people, we are designing and building with them.

We truly believe in the positive impact that small-scale projects have on people's lives, and would love to be part of your project and ideas!

Our Team

Walmer Saavedra

Co-founder / Board Chair

Aylen Pacheco

Co-founder / Board Director

Hsu Myat Aung

Co-founder / Board Director

Kasia Pilat

Co-founder / Board Director

Jorge Luis Mayorga

Co-founder / Board Director